C. Watkins, Upper Makefield: “My family and I love the meals. They are fresh and delicious. As a nutritionist, I like that there are always healthy choices or healthier substitutes that I can chose from. All of the meals heat up quickly without drying out — allowing me to get dinner on the table before heading out for my evening appointments with clients. My parents were here for dinner last week and my dad said that his dinner was the best orzo and salmon he’s ever had. I had to fess up and tell him that I didn’t make it.”

T. Eisenburg, Upper Makefield: “The Chicken enchiladas were tasty and family friendly — great portion size too. The side corn/bean salad was a nice complement. The shrimp scampi with linguine was terrific because the kids liked the buttery noodles and the adults ate the shrimp! The green beans were liked by all.”

T. Vando, Yardley: “I am so happy with these delicious meals. Healthy dinners. Generous portions. Great value. Highly recommended!”


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