Frequently asked questions from our customers

Do I have to be there for delivery?
No you don’t, however, you will need to leave a large cooler for us to place the food in. If the temperature is above 40 degrees F the cooler must contain ice packs or we cannot leave the food unattended and you will need to pick up the food from our location in Newtown, PA. No refunds will be given under these circumstances, so please make sure to check the weather. To avoid this being an issue, see our cooler swap out program.

How does the cooler swap out program work?
Once you have provided a deposit for the program, you next meals will be delivered in a collapsible cooler with ice packs. The next time you order, you leave the cooler and ice packs at the designated delivery location and we will swap it for a fresh cooler full of food. If you decide to no longer participate in the program and you have returned all coolers and ice packs, we will provide you a credit for the amount of the cooler deposit within two weeks.

What if my family has allergies?
While we would like to feed everyone, to keep prices reasonable, accommodations for allergies cannot be made. If someone in your family has food allergies we recommend that you do not order from The Modern Family Table as we cannot guarantee the absence of any one ingredient.

Do you take special requests?
Our business model is to feed families fresh food at a reasonable cost. In order to do so, we cannot adjust meals to your families taste. However, there are many services that do offer custom menus.

Do you do catering?
We are happy to do small catering jobs that include food only. We do not offer full catering services — we just love the food! Please contact us at themodernfamilytable@gmail.com to discuss.

How do I pay for my Dinner Plan?
Payments are made through PayPal with your credit card during the checkout process. Checks and cash are not accepted. All payments are due at the time of order.

Do you use preservatives?
We do not use preservatives but cannot guarantee that they aren’t in some of our ingredients such as but not limited to ketchup, BBQ sauce or salad dressings.

Do you make your own salad dressings?
We do make some of the salad dressings but not all. We are a big fan of Ken’s Steakhouse dressings.

Can I freeze my dinners?
While you can freeze your dinners (and we have customers who do so regularly), we do not suggest it. Freezing your dinners can change the texture and taste of the food.

How long can I keep the food in the refrigerator?
All food is cooked fresh on Sunday and should be discarded from your refrigerator if not eaten by Friday. We suggest eating any seafood first.

When must my order be placed?
Orders must be placed by midnight the Thursday prior to delivery.


Does The Modern Family Table deliver to my area?
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